M.J. Martin
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Artist Statement


Hello, my name is mara J. martin.

My interests in art are widespread yet, recently I have been simply finding joy in the process of creating. To me art is a way to think deeply and act on curiosity, Although it primarily exists in my life as an act of play.

I believe Play is essential to art. For me art without play does not exist.

Mara .jpg

In the simplest form I would consider myself an artist who thrives in making connections through various mediums. I enjoy the complexity of filmmaking and challenge of expressing 3 dimensional ideas in a 2 dimensional space. Recently, I have become intrigued by the combination of video and sculpture.

I also enjoy Poetry Quite a bit. to me Poetry is the process of taking something experienced (often 3D) and creating a written 2D image. The words used to create images in poetry build the poem, they are the material.

Creating client work also exists as art in my life, but in a very different way. The aim for this type of work is to captivate audiences by telling a compelling story. I love to craft stories and I feel passionate about the role of video in the professional/non-profit/academic world. Client work provides a challenge that engages my mind much differently than my personal art because of its goal driven concrete nature. It causes me to think deeply about the audiences experience/response. i create client work always with the client in mind, working to reach all of their communications goals within the piece being created.

My biggest fear is that my art will exist only as extra crap in the world. Our world doesn't need more stuff, and I certainly don't want to just add meaningless excess. I believe The world needs Art that causes thought, challenges ideas, provides relieving beauty and ultimately helps us all to better understand what it means to be human. These are the things i long for in creating.