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This pair of wax glasses were created after being inspired by a poem that is simply the word lovely. this poem uses spacing to communicate to its reader. this is how the poem appears { l O V E L Y }. in my interpretation of the poem I concluded that the author was hoping to communicate that nothing can be discovered as lovely or beautiful without the space to see it. Thus comes the necessary lens required to see beauty. To physically portray this idea I sculpted these glasses out of wax. glasses act as a very literal lens that helps us see. These glasses also act as a candle. Candles are a device often used to create space/ambiance in a room. We light candles to bring warmth, comfort, and light. All of these things create space physically and metaphorically for us to see and feel beauty. 



Time and Materials was created to explore the process of building and taking away, in a rhythmic chaotic expression. Each of these four films was projected onto white boxes. Each "house" occupied one space/side of a box. The goal was to create a narrative through a 2 dimensional medium and portray it in a 3 dimensional way. The square of boxes was meant to create a square of houses or in the most literal terms a neighborhood square. The project focuses quite literally on time and materials. When given time and materials we build, but we also take away. We are always hoping to advance yet something is lost from the erasure of the past. The videos become increasingly more pixelated as the viewer moves around the square this is to represent time in a second way. With time things become more clear but as soon as we round the corner they are fuzzy again.  





After reading John Ashberry my views on process and product took a turn. I desire to create with meaning in mind, yet there is something to be said for creating solely for the act of play/enjoyment. When I create in a state of discovery, playfulness, and uncertainty much more innovative and provocative pieces are born. I hope to make art that makes people think but also feel. Often times creating with meaning as the main objective is like throwing a softball to the audience, they can grasp the concept without having to wrestle with how it makes them feel. I have found in my own observance of art and poetry that creating with process as discovery and play as the central theme allows for an increase in viewer participation through their feelings, when you can’t understand something with your mind it seems your emotional response becomes the largest player in your interaction and understanding of the thing. This is what I love about Ashberry. I feel his poems, without searching for understanding. The emotion is raw, it is undefined and therefor beautiful for the sake of beauty alone.  

This video was created in a direct response to this idea. It was created without a plan and without a purpose. Yet, I believe it causes emotional stirring that calls for interaction. 

This film was created with the intention of discomfort. The viewer should feel the one minute of silence within their depths. They should want it to end, yet be drawn to discover the conclusion. The hope is that the feeling stirred within the viewer is a small (most likely unrealistic) taste of how it feels to be consumed by PTSD. It’s aim is to blatantly/thematically cause anxiety and promote mental correlation and hopefully emotional empathy with and for people who struggle with PTSD.  

This music video was shot for Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions. It was a bit of a last minute project, yet the results I hope do justice to the song and artist who wrote it. 



these shorts were created as an act of play. they hold very little purpose other than entertainment and practicing of craft. some of them will eventually play a role in a larger piece titled "Beautiful Monotony". 



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